Customized services

Customized services

ServiHomeBeach always have a solution for any need that your second home could have. Our mission is to guarantee that any of our customers don’t need to worry about nothing  about their properties and that’s why we offer you a wide repertoire of services completely customized with adapted budgets for each need.

Enjoy the relax and security as never you did

Use your home for a weekend getaway or a holiday can be a great idea, but it’s sometimes clouded due to the need to spend long hours tidying it up, not to mention the typical home problems you can have: Broken blinds or cisterns, for example. Our maintenance and cleaning service will guarantee that nothing of this will happen. We will take care or having everything ready so that you only have to worry about how are you going to enjoy your time. We can even leave the fridge full of food so that everything is ready!

Do you also have a garden? We take care of it to keep it perfect. Mowing grass, removing weeds, trimming trees and hedges … even if you have a pool we can keep it ready for enjoying a swim. We take care of watering and caring for your indoor plants while you are away as well.

Our additional services

  • Legal assistance for illegal occupation or robbery

We have the support of legal services specialized in illegal occupations and robberies.

  • Basic food buying service.
  • We make the food purchase according to the list provided by the client so that upon arrival it has the minimum necessary.
  • Alarm service installation with notify to police and our company both.
Against possible robbery or illegal occupations we advise having an alarm service connected to our company and the police.
  • Home cleaning service.
  • Plumbing, electricity, telephone and other stuff repairing service.
  • Desratization and disinsection service for the home when pests are detected in the inspections carried out periodically.
  • Ozone disinfection service in prevention of Covid-19.
  • Gardering and pool cleaning service.

Do you need anything else?

If you have not found what you need in our services catalog you can ask to us without any obligation so that we can study your need and offer you a solution.