Vacation rental

Alquiles vacacional

Assistance during rental

If you use your second home only during certain times during the year, you are wasting your home. Have you thought about renting it during the time it is empty? You can have a benefit from an income that allows you to cover expenses associdated with the ownership of your property. For example: community expenses, electricity and water.

Forget to do any paperwork. ServiHome Beach can do all of it for you. We will take care of a professional photo report, write a description of your home and advertise it with different international rental portals to help you to find the perfect tenant. Furthermore we will also take care of any procedure that involves translation work into the corresponding language.

Appart of all this, we will take care of conditioning the house to ensure that everything is perfect for your guests. Our services include:

  • Preparing home to be rented.
  • Keys reception and collection from tenants.
  • Intermediation with tenants to solve doubts and/or problems.
  • Home review upon the departure of the tenants.
  • Home cleaning and conditioning after the departure of the tenants.

Furthermore of all these services included in vacation rental plan, you can include any of the other services we offer for your second home as well.

You can contact us and we will make a customized budget to cover all your needs without any commitment.